Leather Jock Bikini With Cod Piece


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Leather bikini-style jock. The professional craftsmanship is exceptional. Made out of soft garment leather. The straps are folded, glued and sewn to give a supberb look. The top strap is nearly 1″ wide and comes with two top snaps and multiple bottom snaps to allow for proper fit. The back piece comes up the crotch area in a triangular shape and attaches to the waistband. This jock also comes with a detachable cod piece. Please indicate the general size of your body. For example, small, medium, large, extra large. Another fine product made by Adonis Leathercrafters. Made in the USA.

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Weight 1.32718 lbs
Waist Size:

S: 28-30, M: 32-34, L: 36-38, XL: 40